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The CoLT Test Center is an independent state-of-the-art test facility providing analysis, qualification and certification services for products.

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Sep 14

CoLT impresses at the FACC Shareholders’ Day 2022

On this year's Shareholders' Day at FACC, CoLT also opened its doors. In addition to our highly qualified employees, the shareholders were particularly enthusiastic about the dynamic and static tests (e.g., 3D component measurement) as well as the exciting test fields on 1.200 m². The personal exchange was perceived as... read more →

CoLT is a professional partner supporting product development and innovation. Together with our customers we generate comprehensive test data outlining their products capabilities and allowing them to further their development.

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CoLT’s service spectrum includes custom designed tests to fit each product. The combination of experienced professionals, state of the art equipment and a generous amount of space guarantees top performance.

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CoLT has a strong history in the aviation industry, from which we draw a wealth of knowledge and experience in complex testing, enabling us to be adaptive and master complex tasks in various industries.

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