Component Testing

Our 1200 square-meter test hall incorporates three independent large scale test beds.

There is enough space to accommodate numerous individual test setups, enabling the simultaneous execution of parallel tests. This modern and expansive test facility provides the ideal platform for CoLT to offer testing services ranging from small coupon tests all the way through to full-scale component tests.

Component Testing

Lifecycle and Functional Tests

To ensure a product conforms to the extended operating requirements for which it was designed we offer lifecycle testing. Lifecycle tests are cyclic in nature and are used to determine how long a product will perform under its expected operating conditions. This can be used in conjunction with a functional test to ensure that the product functions as required, both before and after its lifecycle test.

· Static tests
· Dynamic tests
· Fatigue / Endurance tests

Component Testing

Mechanical Tests

Using our modern equipment we can evaluate the strength and fatigue life of your products and customize each test to suit the individual product, including single and multi-axis load introduction over a wide range of loads.

Component Testing

Environmental Simulations

At CoLT we can simulate various environmental conditions that a product may encounter during its service life using our large scale climatic chambers. Such a simulation can be used to rapidly age a product, which can then be subjected to further testing to gain an insight into how the product responds to environmental influences / ageing.

Component Testing

Impact Damage Simulation

To best determine the effect an unexpected impact can have upon your product, be it during service i.e. a bird strike, or during maintenance i.e. dropped tooling, we offer impact damage simulations and analysis. This analysis, in conjunction with structural testing can provide a comparison between the strength of an undamaged part and the strength of an impacted part, in addition to a damage growth assessment over time.

Component Testing

Test Instrumentation, Measurement and Control

The primary output of testing is measurable data which can be used to validate theoretical calculations. To achieve this we employ a team of experts, coupled with multi-channel measurement equipment.

· Component Preparation
· Specimen instrumentation
· Automatic control
· Data measurement
· Data analysis

Component Testing

3D Deformation Analysis

We also employ a state of the art optical measurement system, which is capable of measuring full-scale 3D deformation of both small and large products. With our expert knowledge and modern equipment we work closely with our customers to generate the desired measurement data and provide the most comprehensive analysis, enabling the best evaluation of a product.

Our Accreditation

We are accredited as an independent testing laboratory according to ISO 17025: 2017 for the following scope of services:


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Certificate of Accreditation

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Additional Approvals

CoLT distinguishes itself a number of acknowledged approvals*
*Caused by the long historical integration of the testing activities in the FACC Group CoLT guarantees to fulfil the requirements to the EN9100 and various customer qualifications.

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