We are CoLT

CoLT is a professional partner supporting product development and innovation.

CoLT has a strong history in the aviation industry, from which we draw a wealth of knowledge and experience in complex testing, enabling us to be adaptive and master complex tasks in various industries.


What we stand for

Together with our customers we generate comprehensive test data outlining their products capabilities and allowing them to further their development.


What you can count on

Experienced professionals, state of the art equipment and a generous amount of space guarantees top performance to meet all requirements.

Our Accreditation

We are accredited as an independent testing laboratory according to ISO 17025: 2017 for the following scope of services:


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Akkreditierung Austria Logo

Certificate of Accreditation

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Additional Approvals

CoLT distinguishes itself a number of acknowledged approvals*
*Caused by the long historical integration of the testing activities in the FACC Group CoLT guarantees to fulfil the requirements to the EN9100 and the testing part of the NADCAP Composite approval of FACC (AC 7122) in case of testing composite material and parts.

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