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Successful Full Scale Test Campaign on EMBRAER E190/195-E2 Aileron

CoLT and FACC Product Development Team (Stress, Design, Program & Quality Teams) have successfully accomplished the Full Scale Test campaign of the Embraer E190/195-E2 Aileron, including Limit Load Test, Fatigue, and the Ultimate Load Test for different load cases, with the witnessing on-site of representatives from EMBRAER and ANAC (Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority).

A huge milestone for FACC and the Product Development Team, as the E190/195-E2 Aileron is the first Primary Structure that the company develops from scratch, showing the capacity of the different Engineering Teams for such challenges.

  • CoLT Testbench 1
  • CoLT Testbench 2
  • Team from CoLT Composite Lab & Test
  • Testing A350-900XWB 5 CoLT Composite Lab & Test
  • Testing A350-900XWB 4 at CoLT Composite Lab & Test
  • Testing A350-900XWB 3 CoLT Composite Lab & Test in St. Martin im Innkreis
  • Testing A350-900XWB 2 CoLT Composite Lab & Test in St. Martin im Innkreis
  • Testing A350-900XWB 1 CoLT Composite Lab & Test
  • CoLT Reference A350-900XWB 5
  • CoLT Reference A350-900XWB 7
  • CoLT Reference A350-900XWB 8

Type Certification for the Airbus A350-900XWB

Weighing over 125 tons, 15 meters long, ten meters high and eight meters wide – these are the impressive dimensions of the test bench set up by CoLT for the Level 3 full-scale test of the A350XWB winglet wingtip. An approval test simulated the 3D deformation of the aircraft component (winglet) by means of a targeted, synchronously controlled application of force using 15 hydraulic actuators. The measuring technology, which was used for the first time in Austria, worked without contact and simultaneously recorded geometries, speeds, accelerations and three-dimensional displacements and deformations. In doing so, the static and dynamic deformations were determined selectively and extensively. The entire component was tested in a special device, with the test procedure being followed live on 20 screens in a separate control room.

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